Baker Reel

  • Excellent Baking Results

    Because of gas combustion, dough keeps the moisture to a proper level to provide well, evenly baked beautiful products with a thin crust.

  • Operation Tender to Dough

    A slow start and stop mechanism is employed to rotate trays to eliminate vibration or shocks given to soft dough. Gentle rotation prevents trays or bread cases from moving during baking operation. A stabilizer loaded on a rotary reel keeps trays in a horizontal position even if the weight is one-sided.

  • Easy Oven-front Operation

    Hot air coming out when doors are opened is automatically exhausted through an exhaust fan, assuring easy operation.

  • Reel Reversing Device

    When a tray passes by, it can be returned to a predetermined position by reversing operation.

  • Meshing Prevention Device

    When the machine is operated in a state of trays or bread cases being protruded out of the machine due to erroneous feeding and discharge or mispositioning, a safety device functions to stop trays automatically to prevent them from meshing.

  • Manual Operation at Power Failure

    When the power fails, operation can be switched to a manual mode to take out baking trays.