• It is a genuine pizza oven that has realized energy-savings by combined combustion with gas.

  • The oven bed employs Sakurajima lave excellent in the regenerating property and the chamber employs regenerative bricks inside.

  • Gas combustion blast burners are used to provide high heating.

  • he temperature inside the oven reaches about 500°C and the temperature of the oven bed reaches about 400°C in 45 minutes after the ignition.

  • Automatic ignition provided with a safety device.

  • 3-stepped adjustment of heat intensity consisted of high, medium and low.

  • During baking pizza, red flame bakes it up tasty and cells specific to Sakurajima lava develops flavor with a difference. An infrared ray effect accelerates internal heating to bakes up products rapidly.

  • Compact design and easily removable table and duct.

中火 ピザ焼成時(18,500kcal/h)